Mysterious White Slime Metabolism, Part 3

Hello Readers:

This third segment brings to a conclusion our two to three months of work, research, treatment and results with the “mysterious white slime effect.”

Before we start, first I would like to offer a correction for a caption printed in regards to the photo of the brown slime depicted on a blue cleaning sponge in my second segment.  One of our readers,   Mr. Guy M., of Sonoma, California, submitted it.  Erroneously, it was identified as a photo from a marine tank in Boca Raton.  Therefore, I would like to give Guy the credit and my thanks, for the use of his photo. I offer my apologies to him for the misprint.  He has a stake in this subject, having been battling this slime in his reef aquarium as well for quite some time now.  I hope that my experiences have been helpful to him too.

Mysterious White Slime Metabolism, Part 2

Hello Readers:

Since our last post (which was actually our first post), we’ve made excellent progress in solving the possible and probable causes of the somewhat rare and perplexing condition, becoming well-known as the Mysterious White Slime Metabolism.  This metabolism has recently occurred in an aquarium of one of our clients. (See original blog)

Mysterious White Slime Metabolism

Hello all aquarium enthusiasts- welcome to my first BLOG post.

Some of you may know more about my life with aquariums and marine animals than do others.  Therefore, so as not to start by listing redundant stats about my life, I will jump right in by beginning with current events.